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Since receiving his law degree from University of Houston Law Center in 1986, attorney Jeff Blackburn has been handling criminal defense and civil rights cases for clients throughout Texas. He also represents individuals who have been wrongfully convicted. In 2009, he handled the case of Timothy Cole, a young man who died in prison after being falsely accused of rape, and obtained the first posthumous DNA exoneration in Texas history. Mr. Blackburn also represented 38 people falsely convicted in the infamous Tulia drug sting, eventually obtaining full pardons and civil damages. Jeff Blackburn is the founder of and chief counsel to the Innocence Project of Texas. The State Bar of Texas named him as Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year for 2002-2003. He received the Frank Scurlock Award, the Henry B. Gonzalez Award and the Maury Maverick Award for his civil rights work. Further, he is Board Certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Blackburn serves on the Task Force on Indigent Defense. In 2009, he chaired the Legal Services to the Poor in Criminal Matters Committee of the State. His track record of success and public recognition speaks volumes about his experience, knowledge and skill. Contact Jeff Blackburn Law Offices in Amarillo for quality legal services.

Jeff Blackburn Speaking About Todd Willingham, 10th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty


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Sami Jo
Kiowa , Colorado
A even a small spark of honest justice can light up a very large and very dark room we know as our "Judicial System" . "We the People " must stand and continue to carry this torch to turn this country back to its rightful owners!

Oh yes! "There is a God! A match flame can bring light into a dark space - yet a bit of darkness cannot take over a room already filled with light... To find a lawyer that is actually doing something for his client to benefit his client . Is few and far between. Wait one minute here! Where am I going with this ? First and foremost : We are American citizens we are fortunate to live in "the greatest country in the world" - The "land of freedom" we were created by God to be free. To choose what's right to maintain the ability to have choices to remain free. So much blood was shed to create and set in stone our Constitution- and form country governed by "democracy" putting equality and peace in place; to create a strong country everyone had an equal chance to succeed in. remember? Or do I have this wrong? Lest we forget we have the power remove just as we have placed in power- these "people of power" Once in office, in an office , or on duty, they completely forget their oaths and the basic fact that they are here to "serve and protect " to work FOR US -"we the people"! Not for them to BE- served our hard earned dollars and to protect those standing in their filthy chain of command . Changing rules as they see fit and rewriting laws to grease up the slide for the series of events that can and will alter our lives and "character" indefinitely once we mis-happen trip onto that greasy funnel. The lawyer we choose to hire for an outrageous fee or the one who is payed for again by us. With illegal tax dollars stolen from us from the day we are purchased and branded as slaves at birth with our Social Security numbers - this "council" for which we have "the right for " or the one that so graciously "appointed " to us ; he/she just becomes yet one more henchman or undertaker just bearing a different title that drags our helplessly stunned and paralyzed carcasses through what seems to be an unending nightmare comeplete with deafened screams, we are sent sliding down a long painful tunnel leading us to the final slaughter and exumation of our dignity, finances, future, and freedoms. Just Waking on a clear sunny day ,birds are singing , plan-in mind , goals to be met . Suddenly lights flag you over for a "simple routine traffic stop ". How swiftly and unwarranted this simple stop could escalade into an unending slide through the judicious meat grinder .. Well "hello officer- May I ask why it is you have chosen to impede my right to travel freely in my private conveyance when I have not caused a crash or brought harm to any person or damage to any property? At that an officer should have his own question answered and respectfully step out of your way.. Readers: Can you say or define: "subject -matter jurisdiction as defined in the original public transportation act ( the act that was written and passed legally and stands as THE LAW in which we are held by as American people ) ... ? This is another whole subject that everyone should be educated in and demand to hold and exercise like the air we breathe! As I began to digress, I will now stop. As I am reviewing and commenting on this short but wonderful exercise of our constitutional rights and demand for justice to be met; I send my praise and support of the work and passion of this remarkable lawyer and (unfortunately small in comparison to the numbers we face) yet awake , bold, group of wonderful likeminded people; I wish to send this message to all my American Brothers and Sisters . Those Whom ,may , or may not have been unjustly abused or slaughtered through the judicial process. I thoughtfully speak also to those who unknowingly and innocently stand by waiting for their moment to slip and find themselves caught in a trap set by these cunning, greedy , power -poisoned people who sit in a position to put us where they see fit. We are so quick to allow these minions such a position either by being mislead by amazing bafflement , Buying into uneducated mass propaganda or simply standing by in idle disregard~ once in these positions of power , seeking only betterment of their own position ~ even quicker we forget how We the People" reserve the right to remove such powers from these monsters indefinitely. A huge step towards regaining control and cutting this vicious cycle of the destruction of the American Judicial system . This dark force has been rehearseing this illusion of government and have the masses believing that they are a service for the people. Their subtle tactic of confusion that places us in a helpless state, by using their very own foreign "legal language of law" . It is overwhelming on its own just being in the position of defending our own innocence . Our courts are like having to do this in a different country - due to the language barrier they place is behind -The language spoken in the court of law use same words we use as a people on a daily basis yet their law language has completely different definitions for the very same words we know! This is far from being a far and just form of trial! In Confusion and being placed in a state of inferiority creates the a feeling of helplessness thus creating . the illusion and need for help. If that is not enough our "honored" court system rewrites the laws naming them as "statutes " or " regulations " rewritten county by county court by court and even changing the "rules"as they see fit - case by case!! Once "violated" we are forced to abide or be fined ,imprisoned or both. Under their judgement as we are sentenced in a room that is speaking to us in a foreign language. Simply put: the real real law by which we are truly bound says we have the right to travel freely from one place to another- by any means at any rate of speed as long as we do not cause or do any harm or damage to others or the property of others. These fabricated statues and regulations , fines and judgements imposed upon us are NOT the LAW! These very people we place into power are the criminals. They are theives that are robbing us . The kidnappers restraining us and taking us to a jail cell while displaying and using deadly weapons to do so. These criminals are given authority to lie, intimidate, course, impose judgement , incarcerate, and even kill in cold blood. Making us , the American People , all the victims of the largest, most powerful gang of cleanly disguised murdering thugs! It is our duty to follow suit and stand with this very small group of lawyers who actually work for the people.And people who boldly stand against this horrible genocide of human will , freedom,and personal character. Mass-incarceration lining the pockets of soulless people with no respect of the lives of others. This is a war ! We must find and take our side- in this "zombie appocolypse " of ignorantly content, industrially poisoned by our water utilities , chem trails, GMO's , overly -medicated, and red-flag entertained sheeple allowing this slaughter to be come the way of "Daily American Life ". We must WAKE UP! just say NO! Step away from our selves and out of our "targeted -comfort-zones" . Take a moment spend some quality time with loved ones - family members -seek knowledge. Replace some of your "social media hours " or your bobble-head "football-time" to study a bit , discuss, and learn what truly are the laws and what our rights as Americans truly are- We are God's Children- We are Americans - It is our duty to God our Country and the future generations to stand against and disempower the tyranny we all face!! ok , Im cool now. hee. I know, I get a bit crazy over all this - but you you should too -It's all very real- total non-fiction- no "conspiracy theory" about it. One more thing to keep always in mind ~ this is huge : your personal information (ALL OF IT). Its YOUR FREEDOM- Don't give it away! Sure you say "You have nothing to hide" . that's sure nice . But it's still YOURS . SO KEEP IT! It is probly the only thing that is TRUELY yours and it's your primal gift -what you do with this gift through the years defines you! Beginning at birth- ITS ALL WE HAVE COMING IN -What we make of it is what WE TAKE GOING OUT! It has more Worth and Power than you can imagine ! Our privacy is our will, our ,knowledge, our character~ Our wisdom. Knowledge is worth more than solid bars of gold. For it can save us or be used against us if placed into the wrong hands.!! Blessings to all- with this I send my undying love and respect for my fellow man no matter your race or culture we are beautiful , strong, and we are "all in this together" ! And Together we will find victory !! SEEK KNOWLEDGE~ BE BLESSED!

April 2018

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