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Nursing Care with a Higher Standard of Excellence. Since 1949, the Bivins name has set the standard for excellence in nursing care of seniors and families. Today, the Betty Bivins Childers Foundation provides programs and services that help the region’s seniors continue to lead fulfilling and dignified lives through direct care at Childers Place. Our professional expertise, our attentiveness to each individual and the welcoming way we engage with each resident's family, aims to meet your expectations for what your loved one deserves. Nursing Care - We offer ALL private rooms with a higher level of professional care for your loved one. Our Care Partners help you and your loved one find the opportunities for dignity, grace and joy every day. Bivins Pointe -Excellence in Nursing Care of Amarillo sophisticated community of medical professionals — Care Partners — provides nursing care and addresses each resident’s daily health needs with the latest technologies, best practices and skillful compassion. What we offer goes well beyond what you might expect from standard nursing home care. Professionalism that Feels Like Love. Care Partners deliver more than professional skills — exceeding the scope of their responsibilities — to treat residents like family and residents’ families like friends. Here you’ll find an exceptionally high staff-to-resident ratio and: • Neighborhoods providing homelike dining, activities and family areas • 20 ALL private rooms per neighborhood, and each 350-square-feet room includes views of landscaped areas, wireless computer workspace, "Smart Room" technology, and a large private individual bath • Country kitchens, living room areas, luxury spa, chapel, and library/computer room for residents and families • Gym with safe, efficient equipment and restorative programs to meet your physical needs Certified Alzheimer's and Memory Care - Comprehensive, intensive and attentive, our certified Alzheimer's and memory care program is for people, not symptoms. With all private rooms, your family member can have the dignity they deserve. Memory Care Services - Compassionate Support & Proven Program. For Alzheimer’s and other age-related dementia, our Certified Alzheimer's neighborhood offers residents an unmatched and comprehensive array of services and activities. Specially trained and uniquely gifted Care Partners provide a high level of attentiveness. They are ready to meet the resident’s next need as they update family members on their loved one’s day. Memory Care Services include: • Multi-Sensory Snoezelen Room • Sensory activities in a soft items environment • Lighting, sound and aromatic effects • Tactile, tasting, and cause and effect experiences • Therapy Garden • Sensory sub-garden • Wandering paths • Horticulture therapy Unique Amenities Bivins Pointe offers include: All Private Rooms Each neighborhood of households includes twenty 350-square-feet private rooms with a large individual bath, and wonderfully landscaped views. State-of-the art equipment together with "Smart Room" technology enhances peace of mind for you and your loved one. Living Areas & Country Kitchens - Each neighborhood has 3 private living areas and a large country kitchen for families to use at any time. Country Kitchens are equipped with a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Community Room, Java Gardens & Library/Computer Area - Want to have a birthday party or family gathering for your loved one? With plenty of seating, tables and beautiful views, these areas are ready to accommodate residents and their families. Call us today to reserve an area for your special event. Serenity Spa - Escape to the luxury Serenity Spa for a relaxing treatment of your choice. We offer full salon services which include manicures, pedicures, waxing and massage therapy. Our trained and licensed Care Partners will come to your room and assist you to and from the spa. Gift certificates available. Restorative Program - Each resident at Bivins Pointe has access to our gym and equipment. Our restorative programs are designed to meet your physical needs. Families Belong in the Circle of our Nursing Care. Frequent visits are encouraged — children and families are always welcome. That’s why you’ll find a children’s play area, inter-generational gardens, and many spacious areas where families, friends and residents can connect. Our philosophy is simple. By measuring up to the Bivins tradition, fulfilling seniors' physical, mental, social and spiritual needs, Bivins Pointe lives up to the highest standards of all - yours.


6600 Killgore Drive
Amarillo, Texas 79106

6600 Killgore
Amarillo, Texas 79106
Located in the heart of Amarillo's Medical District between Wallace Blvd and Amarillo Blvd at Killgore Dr and Streit Dr.

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